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"Empowering Serial Dieters to find the

magic in weight loss without the diet!"

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I'm Jenny, "The Food Freedom Fairy", and it is my job to empower YOU to break free from the endless cycle of dieting.


I teach women how to reconnect with themselves and food, enabling them to live a life full of joy, confidence and magic.

So if you are ready to let go of the shame and guilt or just the frustration around food, then you are in the right place. 

After over 16 years working in the dieting industry, I left because I couldn’t bear to see clients repeating the same cycle any longer. Knowing that the real solution isn’t following a strict plan; it is healing your relationship with food and, more importantly, with yourself.

Jenny McDonald having a picnic drinking orange juice

As a Certified and Accredited Health and Life Coach, and an advanced energy healer with a background in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, I have an overflowing toolbox to help my clients ditch self-loathing and self-sabotage and embrace self-respect and self-love.


I offer private 1:1 coaching packages for those looking for personal support. Or an annual membership inside The Becoming You Academy with access to my exclusive Food Freedom Programme.


Reconnecting with Yourself and Food

I have created this 3-day challenge/training so that you can kick-start your relationship with food! This is a live recording from my private group.


If, like me, you have spent years dieting, then maybe it is time to create a better relationship with food and yourself!


I invite you to “gift” yourself this time without the distraction of your phone, without trying to do three things at once, as we women often do! 


Then I invite you to take action! Watching the videos is one thing, but knowledge is not power - taking action is!


Let me know how you get on!

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