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12 Week Transformation Programme

This programme is designed to take you on a new path with food, away from dieting, away from counting calories and away from those thoughts that food is “good” or “bad”. 


Not only will you have a better relationship with food but you will also have a more peaceful relationship with yourself and others.


Imagine being able to:

  • Let go of emotional and secret eating  

  • Trust that you can make choices around food to nourish your body

  • Say yes to higher calorie foods and not feel like you have been “naughty” or broken your diet

  • Stop the obsession with the scales

  • Lose weight without the battle of willpower and motivation

  • Feel lighter in mind and in body

  • Eat any type of food and not feel guilty

  • Let go of cheat days


You will learn how to nourish your body, balance your energy levels and have an overall healthier relationship with food. You will also learn how to combat self sabotage and how to eat without guilt or judgement. 


However we also know that there are other pieces of the puzzle such as managing your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs and life in general. So you will also be learning tools that will help you in all areas of your life and with that inner critic!


The Transformation Programme is like no other weight loss plan. This is not a diet, the programme is specifically designed for you to work on a deeper level than simply controlling what you eat. 


Within a few weeks you will be operating on a whole other playing field when it comes to food, yes there may be bumps in the road but you will be more equipped to deal with those bumps. 


Our weekly, 60 minute sessions, will keep you accountable, and you can check in with me between our meetings. 


Each week you will be given new information and together we will decide on small action steps for you to implement before our next call. Don’t worry they are not time consuming and they will easily fit into your life!


Ready to start or have some questions?