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From Food Frustration to Food Freedom

💫Teaching you the magic of weight loss without the diet. 💫

Is this you...

➡️ You are desperate to lose weight but feel like a failure when it comes to dieting

➡️ You know exactly what to eat, but you still choose the unhealthy options

➡️ You lie to others about what you have eaten and eat in secret

➡️ You feel guilty after eating certain foods

➡️ You constantly use negative self-talk, especially towards your body

➡️ You scroll the internet looking at before and after photos for motivation

➡️ Your day-to-day life is consumed with thoughts about food

➡️ You talk about yourself using terms such as "I've been good or bad."

➡️ You dread social occasions because you have nothing to wear

➡️ Your emotions affect your appetite

➡️ You feel like you will be dieting for the rest of your life

Warning! This is not a diet!

This exclusive group programme is designed for ladies ready to let go of everything they have ever been told about losing weight!

From personal experience and years of working in the dieting industry, I know how dieting can lead to a disfunctional relationship with food. 

This is why I want to teach you how to...

💫Lose weight without your restricting food

💫Learn how to eat to nourish your body

💫Say yes to cake and not feel like you have been “naughty”

💫Stop the obsession with the scales

💫Feel lighter in mind and body

💫Let go of emotional and secret eating

💫Have more control over your thoughts, feelings and self-talk

💫Love and embrace you for who you are, not what you weigh

Just imagine...

😀Having more confidence, self-worth and self-esteem

😀Feeling at peace with who you are

😀Managing your thoughts and emotions so that your weight (and life In general) is easier to deal with

😀Having more energy to run around after the children/grandchildren

😀Having better relationships with partners, family and friends

😀Feeling comfortable in your clothes

😀Looking forward to social occasions and holidays

😀Smiling at your reflection in the mirror

What is included, and how does it work?

✅ Food Freedom Programme - A comprehensive online training programme to work through

The pre-recorded lessons will take you on a journey of self-discovery, combing energy alignment, self-love, optimising your health and lifestyle and, of course, a smidge of the foodstuff. This is not a diet. It is a simple, proven method to food freedom and self-love.  When you master both of these your weight naturally aligns without the restriction and pain of dieting. Using a blend of deep Mindset Work, The Helix Method® and Habit Change Coaching, you will be guided to make long-term changes.

✅ Weekly Group Check-In Coaching Calls

These sessions are designed to keep you accountable and on track, share your wins, and work through any obstacles. Calls run on Monday evenings at 7 pm. 

✅ Downloads and workbooks

Workbooks, downloads, and handy guides to support your learning at every step. 

✅ Whatsapp access to Jenny throughout the week (Mon - Fri)

You get me in your back pocket so if you have a question or just need a nudge of motivation you can drop me a message and I will message or voice note you some words of wisdom and guidance. 

✅ Rolling Membership

You can stay within the academy membership for as long as you need the support! But there is also no tie in!

Food Freedom Programme will teach you...

✅ How to reconnect with who you are

✅ How to get off the blood sugar rollercoaster

✅ How to balance your energy levels

✅ How to create your own food framework by eating the foods you love

✅ How stress affects your digestion and how to trick your system before eating

✅ How to make friends with that voice in your head

✅ How to combat self-sabotage

✅ How to release any resistance to your weight loss

✅ How to align yourself to your optimum weight

✅ How to increase your self-worth and self-esteem

✅ How to live your life at a higher frequency

Modules Include:

Self Love:

💫 The 2.0 Version of You

💫 Vision of Self

💫 Releasing Beliefs Preventing Self-Love & Inner Confidence

💫 Daily Activation Self Love &  Confidence

💫 Embracing Your Future Self

💫 The Comfort of Self Sabotage

💫 Creating Your Own Food Framework

💫 Balancing Your Blood Sugars

💫 Optimising Your Metabolism

💫 Life-Changing Habits

💫 Enjoying Movement


Embracing Food:

💫 Moving Your Weight Set Point

💫 Unlocking Hidden Secrets

💫 Manifesting & Embodying Optimum Weight

💫 Optimum Weight For Health - Health Rays

💫 Optimum Weight For Health - Chakras


Ready to join?

Academy Membership

£149 per month

💫Instant access to The Becoming You Academy - lessons dropped weekly

💫Weekly Group Coaching Calls

💫Whatsapp support. Or should I say your Food Freedom Bestie in your back pocket!

💫 Rolling monthly contract (no tie-in)

I'd love to have a quick call before you join so that we both know this is the right option for you!

Glenda's 5 star review about the Becoming You Academy

As a coach, Jenny has magic skills. You helped me release the resistance that was keeping me stuck and I will be forever grateful. I didn't know you had such a gift!

Tabitha's 5 star review about the Becoming You Academy

I have realised it wasn't about my weight it was how I felt about myself and my body.

Now, I feel sexy! I am back on track with my life and my marriage which is priceless.

I would recommend working with Jenny 100%!

Jillian's 5 star review about the Becoming You Academy

I am Jill 2.0!

I have moved my weight set point and lost a stone in the 12 weeks.

I feel so different.

I think you are truly amazing and the programme is fantastic!

Michelle's 5 star review about the Becoming You Academy

I have loved the different topics each week.

It is a completely different angle from what I have ever done before, I have learnt why I do what I do and I now have the tools to work this through.

The accountability, the small group, the honest sharing and the 1:1 sessions have also been fabulous!

Carol's 5 star review about the Becoming You Academy

I feel proud I have completed the programme.

I think learning to connect with my inner voice has made a huge difference.

Also not having a generic diet to follow has been brilliant, I have enjoyed learning to eat to nourish my body and that there are no wrong and right foods.


Jenny is a Weight Loss and Food Freedom Coach passionate about helping women break free from the dieting cycle. She has over 17 years of experience working in the weight loss industry and behaviour change around food. Jenny is a certified and accredited Health and Life Coach, trained in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, she is also an Advanced Helix Method Mentor ® and trained in Theta Healing®.

Like many women, she struggled with her relationship with food from an early age, spent years restricting food, and blamed herself for her bad habits. When she finally lost weight, there was still a considerable amount of work to do on her mindset and belief system. 

It took her a while to realise that regular food restriction to keep her weight down was not a long-term solution or a healthy one! Jenny developed a deeper understanding of why she ate and learned how to listen to her body's needs and get out of her own way!

Jenny teaches her clients to eat to nourish their minds, body and soul and to enjoy cake without the guilt. To love themselves and be unapologetically them! 💕

Not sure if the programme is right for you? Feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up a Free Call 

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