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The Food Freedom Programme is a 12 week Online Programme that you can work through at your own pace. The course is designed to take you through a process of creating a healthy relationship with food. 


Using a blend of deep energy and mindset work alongside creating your own food framework you will have all the tools you need to let go of dieting and allow your weight to naturally align.

Have you ever wished you could lose weight without dieting?

Do you...


  • Beat yourself up after eating certain foods?

  • Constantly worry about how you will lose / keep off weight?

  • Talk about food and yourself using terms such as “good” and “bad”?

  • Dread social occasions because you have nothing to wear?

  • Use negative self talk towards your body?

  • Experience low moods or become snappy, because you feel uncomfortable in yourself?

  • Find your appetite is driven by your emotions?

  • Long to have a better relationship with food and with yourself


I know how hard it is to find peace with food whilst losing weight and I know that you may feel that dieting is the only answer. 

I also know from my own experience and from years of working in the dieting industry, how dieting can lead to a disordered relationship with food. This is why I want to teach you how to...


  • Lose weight without your restricting food

  • Learn how to eat to nourish your body

  • Say yes to cake and not feel like you have been “naughty”

  • Stop the obsession with the scales

  • Feel lighter in mind and in body

  • Let go of emotional and secret eating

  • Have more control over your thoughts, feelings and self talk

Warning! This is not a diet!


This online programme is designed for ladies who are ready to let go of everything they have ever been told about losing weight! Using a blend of Mindset Work and The Helix Method® you will learn how to make simple long term changes. Each week you will cover a new topic and you will take small action steps to implement into your daily life. At the end of the 12 weeks you will have the tools you need for not only a healthy relationship with food, but a healthy relationship with yourself.

"Food Freedom" will teach you...


  • How to reconnect with who you are

  • How to get off the blood sugar rollercoaster

  • How to balance your energy levels

  • How to create your own food framework eating the foods you love

  • How stress affects your digestion and how to trick your system before eating

  • How to make friends with that voice in your head

  • How to combat self sabotage

  • How to release any resistance to your weight loss

  • How to align yourself to your optimum weight

  • How to increase your self worth and self esteem

Modules include:

  • The 2.0 Version of You

  • Manifesting and Embodying The 2.0 Version of You

  • Your Food Framework

  • The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

  • The Comfort of Self Sabotage

  • Moving Your Weight Set Point

  • Optimising Your Metabolism

  • Life Changing Habits

  • Releasing Stress Energies and Emotional Eating

  • Manifesting and Embodying Your Optimal Weight

  • Releasing Beliefs Preventing Self Love and Inner Confidence

  • Embodying Unconditional Self Love and Inner Confidence

*Please note this is a do-it-yourself course. If you would like to work together, please check out the Work With Me page.

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