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90-minute Helix Method Session

If you want more ease and flow in your life, then let’s explore how I can help you have magical shifts. Whether you want to feel fully aligned to weight loss, or to life in general. Maybe there is something that is keeping you stuck. Maybe you feel you need to release trapped emotions or let go of past trauma.


In our 90 minute session you will gain clarity and confidence to move forward with ease and speed.

Your 90-minute Helix Method® Session

I am so excited that you have decided to book an energy healing session!


Once you have made your booking, I will email you a short questionnaire for you to fill in. This will help me to prepare for our session.


During your session we will release any trapped emotions, traumas and root beliefs that are holding you back. Following the releasing we will finish with an activation to continue to raise your frequency and vibration that you are sending out into the Universe. You will also receive a follow up email with activation instructions on so that you can continue to align for the following 7 days.

An Overview of The Helix Method®

The Helix Method is an energy psychology and manifesting method that empowers people to master the art of reality creation so that they can live at their highest potential across all areas of life.


This method is perfect for you if you are new to alignment and manifesting work, and also if you are well versed in energy healing, manifesting with other modalities and spirituality. 

Think of the Universe in terms of frequencies and vibrations.

We already know that everything is energy, everything has a frequency and vibration, and as you learn how to change energy, to change your frequency and vibration, you master the art of reality creation!


The simplest way to put this into context is thinking about all the machines that use some sort of frequency in their operation. We are familiar with different forms of waves and frequencies, mobile phones, the internet, microwaves and x-ray machines. 


We also know we can change the frequency in order to change the outcome. 


If you want to watch a different channel on your TV you simply change the channel with your remote. In turn, your sky box receives a different frequency and therefore transmits a different programme to your screen. The same as making a phone call, these waves and frequencies connect us to each other. 


When it comes to humans, the easiest way to imagine this is to think of yourself as having your own “ Wi-Fi” that is a two way transmission between yourself and the universe.


The energy field around you transmits out into the universe, it is a sender and a receiver.

This “human wifi” is your aura. It is also a recording device, every memory, experience and emotion is imprinted onto your auric field.


Using The Helix Method techniques we change the frequency and vibration of our human wifi - the messages that we are sending out into the Universe. 


As we change our vibrations and frequency we change what we are in resonance with, and so can change our experiences and our reality!


How do we do this? By working with our different levels of consciousness, by releasing trapped emotions, traumas and root beliefs, then aligning, manifesting and choosing what we would like to experience. 


We are always manifesting, we manifest according to our vibration and our frequency. What we see in our reality is a reflection of our internal world. We may not always like what we call in but the universe is always listening to our inner thoughts, doubts and what is imprinted within our energy field.


The Helix Method can be used for any area in your life, from relationships, career, health, wealth and of course my passion, changing your relationship with yourself and with food.  

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