Jenny McDonald reading on a bench

Are you ready to start your peaceful relationship with food?

The Becoming You 6-Week Kick Start Programme is for the serial dieter who is ready to realign their relationship with food and themselves. 


The 6 Week Kick Start is designed to change the way you think about your relationship with food forever.

Jenny McDonald Sitting on floor

Have you tried everything?
Are you fed-up with the yo-yo dieting? 
Do you feel that your life would be so much easier if you only had a better relationship with food?


You know what to eat and what nourishes your body but you just don’t do it?

You have spent years on and off diets, sometimes successful but the weight always creeps back on?

You’ve lost faith that you will ever be able to enjoy eating without feeling guilty.

You’re fed up and overwhelmed with the ever changing guidance and advice out there

but you still want to make a change.

You know if you could just crack your relationship with food, you’ll feel more content in life.

Is it time you tried something completely different?
Here is an outline of the programme:

Understanding Change and Awareness

We will look at the process of making long term behaviour changes and start to work on your awareness around food and yourself


Understanding Your Why and Your Future Self

In this lesson you will look at your real reasons why you want to make these changes and take advice from your future self.


Programming Yourself For Greatness

We will look at how our beliefs and thoughts affect our progress and how to hack your brain for long term success.


Understanding You

You will learn about our different hunger needs and how to find a balance that works for you.