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Are you ready to finally have a peaceful relationship with food?

The Becoming You 6-Week Kick Start Programme is for the serial dieter who is ready to realign their relationship with food and themselves. 


Becoming You is designed to change the way you see food forever.

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Have you tried everything?
Are you fed-up with the yo-yo dieting? 
Do you feel that your life would be so much easier if you only had a better relationship with food?


You have spent years on and off diets, sometimes successful but the weight always creeps back on?

You’ve lost faith that you will ever be able to enjoy eating without feeling guilty.

You’re fed up and overwhelmed with the ever changing guidance and advice out there

but you still want to make a change.

You know if you could just crack your relationship with food, you’ll feel more content in life.

Is it time you tried something completely different?
A life-changing programme that will put you in the driver's seat of your life and give you both physical and deep-rooted results you deserve?
If you’re feeling those butterflies in your stomach, like you’ve just stumbled across something exciting, keep reading.

With the support of Jenny I have lost 7 stone but most importantly I see food in a new light. It is not a hug, it doesn’t change something bad that has happened and it doesn't cheer me up. I will be forever grateful.

Sarah (Age 43)

Just Imagine

Your mind being free from counting calories, points or syns and the scales!

Feeling empowered and confident in your food choices so you can fully enjoy occasions 

Getting so excited about a holiday without fearing what you’ll look like or what you have to eat before or during your holiday.

Feeling incredible confidence to go after something in life that your weight has held you back from, a promotion, a new relationship, starting your own business!

Enjoying less nutritious foods without the food is a ‘bad’ food, you can literally have it all!

Feeling freedom from dieting, liberated with what you can eat and a new found energy so you can show up as the best version of YOU!

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Let me introduce myself, I’m Jenny, former yo-yo dieter, now finally master of my food demons and an Eating Behaviour Coach. Managing my weight is my superpower that I have developed since 2005. 

With my knowledge and experience and coaching over 1000 women, I have been able to find every piece of the puzzle to true freedom from food, so you don’t have to find the missing piece!

Throughout weight management I have made many mistakes and I definitely went the long way around! However this has made me who I am today and this has given me the strength and the knowledge to empower others on their quest for “Food Freedom”.

Even at 10 stone I thought I had to starve myself all week to enjoy the weekends - I was so wrong! Realising you can eat three meals a day, feel completely satisfied and not gain weight or lose weight has been a revelation! 

My mission is to empower you to change your thinking around food forever, whilst working through your limited beliefs and unhelpful behaviour around food.

Then you can find a way of eating that is right for you. 

No food is off the menu, this is about getting intune with your body and what it needs and still being able to enjoy the foods you love.

Each day I’m coaching women like you to finally find peace with food by empowering them with life changing mindset tools that you won’t find on traditional weight loss programmes.

I want to help you jump off the never ending ‘on/off’ dieting patterns you’re so used to, that don’t yield the results you want.

You need a real-life approach to making peace with food which I have created through my Becoming You Programme Kick-Start Programme, with modules, training and the accountability you deserve.

This is just some of the course content you can access:


Week 1 Understanding Change and Awareness

We will look at the process of making long term behaviour changes and start to work on your awareness around food and yourself


Week 2 Understanding Your Why and Your Future Self

In this lesson you will look at your real reasons why you want to make these changes and take advice from your future self.


Week 3 - 4 Programming Yourself For Greatness

We will look at how our beliefs and thoughts affect our progress and how to hack your brain for long term success.


Week 5 - 6 - Understanding You

You will learn about our different hunger needs and how to find a balance that works for you.


In addition you will have fortnightly group zoom sessions where you will receive live group coaching and connect with other women who are going through the programme with you so you can share your experiences and receive the accountability you deserve.


Plus a private Facebook Group for the closed group of 8-10 ladies. This space will be for sharing insights, aha moments asking questions and most importantly for accountability.

With the support of Jenny I have lost 7 stone but most importantly I see food in a new light. It is not a hug, it doesn’t change something bad that has happened and it doesn't cheer me up. I will be forever grateful.

Sarah (Age 43)