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Reprogramming Your Human Wifi

In addition to or aside from the 12 Week Transformation Programme I also offer sessions using The Helix Method.


The Helix Method is an energy psychology and manifesting method that empowers people to master the art of reality creation so that they can live at their highest potential across all areas of life. Here is a brief outline…


Everything is energy, everything has a frequency and vibration, we are all familiar with different forms of waves and frequencies, from microwaves to radios, mobile phones and the internet. All operating through waves and frequencies.


As humans we are no different, we are all operating on different waves and frequencies. I like to think of our energy waves as our “human wifi”. 


Sometimes your wifi gives out a strong signal that you are happy, thriving, that life is easy! 

On these days you will receive an abundance of positive energy back. (Because what we transmit into the universe comes back) 

These are the days when everything just flows with ease and grace!


On other days your signal is weak, when your energy is low, you are operating on a lower frequency. 

You give out a different message. It may be that, “life is hard”, or “I will never lose weight, I like high calorie food too much”.

When you give out these messages you get the same back, the universe hears “life is hard” and so it gives you hard! 

The universe hears “I will always want high calorie food”, so you crave high calorie food!


Now if you are watching TV and you don’t like the programme you are receiving into your box, you change the channel. 


The good news is, as humans we can do the same! We can change our frequency! 


Using The Helix Method techniques we change the frequency and vibration of our human wifi - the messages that we are sending out into the Universe. When we change the frequency and vibration we create a different experience and different results!


We can release limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, we can shift patterns of behaviour and we can create new realities. 


If you are ready to make quantum leaps with your relationship with yourself and food then this is for you! 

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